10 House Heater Safety Tips

In the cold winter months, life without indoor heating, or without adequate heating, can be uncomfortable – if not unbearable. House heaters are a popular option for the heating home. If you, like many others, are in need of supplemental heating, make sure you use your heaters correctly to ensure the safety of your home and family. Electric house heaters, when used correctly, can be a safe option. When using an electric heater, there are several important things to remember.

Buy A Renowned Brand Of Heater. Purchase a renowned brand of heater to guarantee that you get a high quality of warmth.

To avoid possibly overheating, only plug your unit directly into your wall outlet. Overloading your extension cord may cause it to overheat. Overheating can lead to cord damage and electrical fires.

Keep your portable heater at least three feet from combustibles. Furniture, rugs, and curtains should be kept away from the device and its heating element to avoid burns or fires.

Do not use your space heater in damp or wet areas. Unless designed for bathrooms, portable heaters should be kept away from moisture as it can damage the unit.

Do not place space heaters on furniture. Your heater should be on a flat hard surface where it has no danger of falling over or igniting furniture.

When shopping for portable space heaters, make sure you look for devices with a tip-over safety switch. This will automatically shut your heater off if it should happen to fall or be knocked over. Without it, your heater could burn or ignite whatever it falls on top of.

Use UL-approved space heaters. Underwriters Laboratories only approves the portable space heaters that pass their rigorous product safety evaluations.

Be cautious with your heater placement. If your portable heater is very hot to the touch during use, adults, children, and pets alike are at risk for burns. Also, don’t put your heater in a high-traffic area. Tripping over the heater or its cord could damage it and render it unsafe for use.

Do not drape any items over your heater for warming. Clothes and towels could quickly catch fire from prolonged contact with your device’s heating element.

See If The Installation Is Done Properly. You need to make sure that your patio heating device that runs on gas is installed properly to prevent any short circuits or fuel leakage. This can be adequately ensured with the assistance of a qualified repairman who knows how to take care of such devices.

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